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Furniture is inevitable in every residence. With the popularity of Chinese style, people increasingly like solid wood furniture, which is favored by the majority of consumers for its environmental protection advantages. However, for young people, the Chinese style is too solemn, so the new Chinese style came into being. It is a kind of refining and enriching the classic elements of the Chinese style, and changing the feudal thoughts of hierarchy, dignity and inferiority in the original spatial layout, injecting a new atmosphere into the traditional home culture, expressing the pursuit of the Oriental spiritual realm of elegance, elegance and elegance. Now let's take a look at the brands of new Chinese solid wood furniture, and how to choose and maintain solid wood furniture

new Chinese style solid wood furniture brand

1. Tansong new Chinese style furniture

it is a relatively high-end new Chinese style furniture brand in China. Now it has developed two series of products. It has always adhered to the original design and all mahogany materials as the core, and has made innovations in style, so that the home has a classic charm without losing sight, and has modern fashion and comfort, creating a fashionable and beautiful home for young people who love traditional culture and pursue fashion and personality Exclusive furniture with charm

2. Pingze new Chinese furniture

it is a more innovative Chinese brand, which is unique on the basis of thinking about ancient times, makes its furniture products flexible and meaningful, and advocates a quiet, beautiful and far-reaching lifestyle

3. All things new Chinese furniture

the moral of this brand is harmony and refinement. It wants to create a room for users to cultivate their body and mind and experience a peaceful and simple life through the reasonable allocation of space and functions

4. Kyocera new Chinese furniture

it is a product of Ronglin Shijia. It adheres to the simple and lively design and rosewood materials as the core to bring users implicit, smooth, graceful and dignified simple furniture

5. Upper and lower furniture

this is a furniture brand that combines traditional culture with contemporary life. It not only inherits Chinese aesthetics and skills, but also makes it return to contemporary life through innovative ways

6. Deere Rosa new Chinese furniture

it is a product of Dongguan hotline furniture. From a Western perspective, Oriental elements are integrated into the design. At present, Deere Rosa new Chinese furniture is divided into four series: plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, which integrate China and the West and deliver the beauty of the world

7. Suli new Chinese furniture

it is a company that pays attention to decoration. It wants to highlight the beauty of furniture by virtue of soft decoration and display, and combine European and American elements to impress the young generation's love for new Chinese furniture

purchasing skills of solid wood furniture

1. Judge whether the furniture is made of solid wood

if you want to make an accurate judgment, you should look at its wood grain and scar knot. For example, the cabinet door has a pattern on the surface, and the corresponding other side should also have the same pattern in the middle, and the position should be the same. If it corresponds well, it is a pure solid wood cabinet door. In addition, look at the location of the scarred side and whether the corresponding scar can be found on the other side

2. Judge what kind of tree is solid wood

because tree species are precious and rare, it also determines the price and quality. Generally, solid wood furniture commonly seen in the market includes beech, white oak, Manchurian ash, elm, catalpa, rubber and oak, while rare ones include rosewood, chicken wing wood and red sandalwood. The market is relatively chaotic, and there is often a phenomenon of shoddy goods being replaced by good ones and confusing tree species, so consumers had better choose hypermarkets or big brands, and at the same time, they should pay attention to the fact that the price of wood is rising day by day, and there is definitely fraud if it is too cheap

3. Observe the quality of wood

after judging the wood of tree species, we should also see its quality, open the cabinet door and drawer, and observe whether the wood is dry and white, and whether the texture is tight and delicate. If it's not solid wood, smell it to see if there's any pungent smell

4. Observe the strength of the board

what we should pay attention to is the fastness. When you press it with your finger, generally speaking, there should be a well shaped skeleton fixed under the board. If you press it, it will be empty and untrue, which means that the skeleton is sparse. In addition, the drawer bottom plate should also be pressed by hand to test the strength. The large size should be made of five layers of plates. In addition, the switches of cabinet doors and drawers should be flexible, the color of products should be similar, and the surface paint film should not be wrinkled, sticky or leaked, so as to avoid roughness

5. Check the drawer slide and latch

to see whether the opening and pulling of drawers, cabinet doors, etc. are smooth, and ensure that they operate freely and are connected correctly

general knowledge of solid wood furniture maintenance


it needs to be targeted. It depends on what kind of furniture it is and what occasion it is used. If it is in the kitchen, there are often more oil stains or smoke, fingerprints, dust, etc. you can wipe it with a soft wet cloth first, then dry it with a dry cloth, or wash it with soap. If it is high-quality furniture, you can occasionally use polish, but you should follow the instructions of the goods, otherwise it may damage the wood


1. Avoid direct sunlight

furniture of any tree species should be separated from heat sources and direct sunlight, such as hot gas outlets such as radiators, to prevent wood from drying and cracking

2. Check the humidity of the room

generally speaking, the humidity between 35%-45% can effectively avoid the shrinkage or expansion of wood, so the location should avoid the basement or near the source, and you can choose dehumidification or humidification products when necessary

summary: the above is the new Chinese solid wood furniture brand that Xiaobian brought to you today. I believe friends have a certain understanding. You can refer to the knowledge of new Chinese solid wood furniture brand and purchase and maintenance. I hope this article is helpful to you





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