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Kitchen decoration cabinet purchase experience sharing

1 What should we focus on in the preliminary investigation of cabinets

cabinet is a major item of your decoration, but the cabinet industry, which has a relatively low threshold, is indeed chaotic. Large and small cabinet manufacturers and a variety of cabinet brands must make you full of doubts on the way to choose. It is crucial to clarify your needs, and the key is our grasp of cabinets

in the early investigation of the cabinet, you should focus on the actual situation of the manufacturer and objective cabinet knowledge. The editor found that everyone's grasp of the actual situation of the cabinet manufacturer is often vague, but it is the key to whether you can really achieve the real materials and effectively ensure that you enjoy its promises and services

it is not easy to objectively grasp the knowledge of cabinets, which requires us not only to have a deep and practical understanding, but also to increase some personal experiments and listen to the user's experience. For the grasp of cabinet knowledge, people often stay in configuration, (the advantages and disadvantages of various materials) and process details (workmanship). The most often ignored is the key hardware that determines the quality and life of cabinets - equipment, which can also be seen as the process of forming cabinet results. Good equipment and poor equipment, machinery and manual will make a huge difference in the use, quality and life of cabinets in the future

2. Avoid the temptation of "gorgeous appearance"

a major feature of the overall cabinet is that it is designed according to your specific reality, which involves various external factors. The change and difference of external factors will affect the cabinet design. You should make it clear that buying the overall cabinet is not buying finished products, and any gorgeous sample you like is not necessarily suitable for your own reality. On the contrary, we often use relatively European style cabinets, Exception for ordinary families, cabinets mainly focus on practicality, and try to achieve the best combination with beauty on the premise of ensuring practicality

3. Calmly look at the price gap

because of many factors in its design, combined with the different positioning of each manufacturer, the price difference is relatively large, even for enterprises with the same positioning. For ordinary consumers, it is a reasonable choice to pursue high cost performance. Judging whether it is high cost performance is based on our objective understanding of cabinets, especially enterprises. We need to calmly look at the gap between prices

4. Clarify what to order for cabinets

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the most common thing is that when ordering cabinets, people pay special attention to the color matching and material selection of cabinets, and quickly want to know how much their cabinets will cost. These are indeed necessary, but they are not very reasonable for early orders. First of all, the design of the cabinet is an important part of the cabinet, which involves many factors and cannot be achieved in one step. The design of the cabinet is divided into at least two steps: preliminary measurement and double ruler. Moreover, the choice of the cabinet color is also closely related to your kitchen decoration, such as the selection of wall and floor tiles. Second, the design of the cabinet will have a great impact on the price of the cabinet, such as whether some places are upgraded, whether the non-standard configuration of the business is adopted, etc

what do we need to fix for the early order of cabinets? The answer is, no, the early order of cabinets is actually our intention to prove our basic recognition of the selected brand. Especially after communicating with the designer of the cabinet and referring to its design scheme, we believe that we will have a deeper understanding and inspiration. Of course, the budget after the preliminary determination of the design scheme will also be a more accurate budget

5. About the purchase order of kitchen appliances and supporting equipment (smoke machine, stove, water basin, etc.)

we believe that the best time to buy is after the designer's preliminary measurement, and you can buy after listening to the designer's reference opinions. If you buy in advance, you should pay attention to the best to avoid buying products of special models and sizes, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble to the matching of cabinets





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