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Huawei glory original three key wired engine generation 2 (sky grey)

Huawei glory original three key wired anti winding dynamic high fidelity stereo in ear headphone engine generation 2 (sky grey)

adjustable headphones, a pair of headphones, two music attitudes; It continues a generation of classic, with excellent sound quality and natural voice

make the current one month experience: the unique design concept of Huawei earphones is undoubtedly a powerful interpretation of "Huawei is not only one of the world's top 500". The two groundbreaking designs of multi-channel sound transmission and exhaust have enabled Huawei earphones to move towards the forefront of portable audio design, thus laying a solid foundation for the world's first group brand of portable audio

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Huawei glory original three button remote control engine generation 2 (sky grey)

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