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Huawei held the first phase of channel elite gathering to build an elite team of partners

Huawei held the first phase of 2014 channel elite gathering in Beijing on May 13. The event was a gathering of elites. Guests from dozens of partners had a face-to-face exchange on Huawei's practical experience and service policies in channel services. The channel elite club is a platform carefully built by Huawei to improve the technical level of partner technicians. Through the establishment of Huawei channel elite club, Huawei is committed to building a technical elite team of partners with high skills, high quality and high degree of cooperation

ctiforum on May 14 (Liwenjie): Huawei, the world's leading provider of information and communication solutions, today announced that the Huawei channel elite club would hold the first phase of the 2014 channel elite gathering (Huawei channel elite sharing meeting) in Beijing. The event was a gathering of elites. The guests came from dozens of partners, including Lianqiang international trade (China) Co., Ltd., Beijing Digital China Co., Ltd., Donghua Software Co., Ltd., China Building Materials Information Technology Co., Ltd., Beiming Software Co., Ltd., Beijing Runtian Century Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Millennium Weixun Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Huazhong hengtailuo Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Longtian Digital Technology Co., Ltd, Face to face exchanges were conducted on Huawei's practical experience and service policies in channel services

Huawei channel elite club is an elaborate platform created by Huawei to improve the technical level of partner technicians. The platform was launched in july2013. Through the construction of Huawei channel elite club, Huawei is committed to building a technical elite team of partners with high skills, high quality and high degree of cooperation. At present, Huawei channel elite club has more than 3000 members, including Huawei CSP (certified service partner), ASP (authorized service partner) and outstanding social students. Most of the members have passed Huawei hcna (Huawei Certified Network Associate) certification and have rich project experience. In the member points exchange event held in December last year, members were enthusiastic about participating in the event, and they also looked forward to the communication opportunities under the cable. Therefore, the first phase of the channel elite gathering in 2014 came into being

in this issue, the channel elite gathering was strongly supported by Lianqiang international. Two senior network experts shared their experience in delivering WLAN and policy center projects, including on-site questions. But now the most popular production process is to fill in plastic or composite repressed alloy materials for problem reproduction and actual operation

Zhuyu, a senior lecturer of Lianqiang international, who has been engaged in enterprise networking for many years, said: the case shared with you this time is the vipshop wireless network coverage project. Through four standardized project scenarios: customer exchange site, engineering communication site, customer test site and customer implementation site, we finally realize the deployment of customer office, visitor access, wired and wireless integrated network, making the network safe, reliable, easy to manage Easy to maintain. The interactive effect of this sharing meeting is very good. I hope Huawei can hold more experience sharing meetings on such projects, so that we can have a platform for mutual learning and provision

In 2014, the first phase of Huawei channel elite gathering was successfully held in Beijing

Huawei channel Elite Club: creating a cradle of talents

2014, Huawei channel elite club will carry out nearly 100 golden seed training sessions, covering 3000 members; Held 8 hcie (Huawei Certified Internet expert) salons, covering networking, storage, VC (video conference) and other fields; Held 3 Elite sharing meetings, and invited the technical elites of all partners to participate; Carry out a grand contest of excellent cases and select 30 winners for commendation; Implement the engineering practical training camp and train dozens of high-end practical technical elites. Huawei channel elite club has rich activities and is committed to building a platform for rapid improvement of partner technicians' skills

-- product technology training, a bridge to improve product technology capability

golden seed training provides point-to-point learning opportunities for partner technicians to improve product technology capability, be proficient in project management process, tighten the upper and lower jaws, and strengthen service sales skills; The hcie salon is the best way to quickly certify Huawei hcie by explaining the examination outline, analyzing the key and difficult points, and simulating the full truth interview

-- evaluation and comparison of various technical documents, such as data editing activities, enable the project experience to be inherited.

the channel elite club has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the majority of club members to write cases by organizing and improving evaluation and comparison activities such as major technical equipment coordination mechanism organization project delivery cases, troubleshooting cases and project sales cases

-- experience sharing and practical training camp, the perfect combination of theory and practice

channel elites gather, and partner technical elites share valuable project experience with guests; The elite practical training camp provides a learning atmosphere different from the classroom for the majority of technical personnel, so that the practical operation and theory closely cooperate

if you are a technical engineer of Huawei CSP (certified service partner) and you have obtained Huawei hcna and other series certificates, what are you waiting for? Join the Huawei channel elite club

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