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Huawei matebook opens up the "Ren Du pulse" of mobile office: collaboration enables terminal data interoperability

Huawei introduces a new concept of the third generation mobile office, which is a new trend marked by the intelligence of office equipment. The primary task is to solve the data interworking between multiple devices and bid farewell to the shackles of traditional data lines

in martial arts novels, opening up the two channels of Ren and Du often means a transformation and rapid progress in martial arts. In today's efficiency oriented era, to catch up with the rate of technological innovation, we also need to find the secret of breakthrough in productivity tools, and PC naturally becomes the key

under the external force of mobile Internet, the office form of workers has been subverted. From a regular lattice, it has been gradually expanded to airports, high-speed railways and cafes, and the office hours have also changed from nine to five into a fire brigade to deal with emergencies at any time. At the same time, people are using more and more terminal devices. How to get through the collaborative operation and data synchronization between different devices, all kinds of signs also show that mobile office urgently needs to get through the Ren Du pulse

Huawei's strategy is to make the PC as easy to use and intelligent as

when Huawei matebook series new products were released, Huawei officially introduced the new concept of the third generation mobile office, which is a new trend marked by the intelligent office equipment. The primary task is to solve the data interworking between multiple devices and bid farewell to the shackles of traditional data lines

breaking the data collaboration between terminals

one of the core connotations of intelligence is collaboration

in order to build an intelligent multi terminal collaboration capability, Huawei has continued to innovate from the software and hardware level in recent years, and finally found an exclusive secret recipe. It has realized three different ways to connect Huawei and PC horizontally: close, touch and scan

realize near-end collaboration between notebook and other electronic products through Huawei sharing multi screen collaboration function; Through the Huawei cloud space function, data sharing across devices, time and space between laptops and different electronic devices can be realized, and remote collaboration can be realized. One near and one far away, Huawei is building a smart ecosystem to bring users a new mobile office experience

then, the industry output value and output of the third generation mobile also continue to increase. How smart is the office? Huawei has also come up with a representative work Huawei matebook x to explain this concept

break through the high wall between windows and Android systems: it continues the multi screen collaboration function of Huawei PC. Huawei matebook x breaks through the barriers between windows and Android systems from the bottom of the system. It will be installed in notebooks. One screen operates two systems. It can also drag and drop documents in both directions, avoiding the trouble of switching back and forth between notebooks and during mobile office

the cloud makes the office scene Unlimited: the Huawei cloud space equipped with Huawei matebook x makes the whole scene experience come into reality at the beginning of the fatigue failure of cloud office and multi terminal collaboration. After the synchronization folder is opened in Huawei matebook x, any operations on the files in it will be synchronized to the cloud in real time, and the current traders' inquiries will be actively updated on all devices. For example, after work, if you remember that there are still unfinished work in Huawei matebook X in the company, you can seamlessly continue to complete the relevant work by clicking on the relevant documents in the Huawei cloud disk folder of other terminals

make PC products with the thinking of doing

in the PC field, Huawei is a latecomer, but in just a few years, it has caught up with the first tier of the notebook market and occupied the top 2 PC market share in China, which is closely related to the product thinking

consistent with the pursuit of high appearance, Huawei matebook's extremely simple aesthetic design concept has also become a distinctive brand mark. The Huawei matebook x released this time adopts the magnesium aluminum alloy integrated body, which is smaller than A4 paper, as light as 1kg, and only 13.6mm thick at the thickest part; It is the first time to introduce the comprehensive suspended screen design without metal frame; It broke the conservative black and silver color of PC, and added a variety of colors such as star blue, indigo and cherry language powder

to make the PC as easy to use as, it also needs to work on innovative technologies. Huawei also gives the PC powerful performance as much as possible. Friction between moving parts will cause energy loss and reduce fuel efficiency. For example, Huawei matebook 13/14 2020 Raptor, which also appeared in the press conference, put the new 7Nm Raptor standard pressure processor into a thin and light book, and made a new stacking design for the heat dissipation structure to help the processor more stable and fully release performance

in fact, Huawei is still committed to building a 1+8+n full scene smart life, bringing users a smart experience of multi terminal collaboration. From this point of view, multi screen collaboration and Huawei cloud space are Huawei's major breakthroughs in the collaboration between PC and multi terminals in recent years. The former realizes the local collaboration between PC and multi terminals, while the latter realizes the cloud collaboration between PC and multi terminals, allowing users to break the restrictions of terminals and time and space, and realize smart office anytime and anywhere

in addition, Huawei has also expanded its PC product line, bringing commercial notebook matebook B series for enterprise users, with the security escort of fingerprint power supply and TPM built-in chip. At the same time, it has inherited the multi screen collaborative smart office capability of Huawei matebook series, making mobile office more intelligent and efficient

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