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News from ctiforum on June 20 (Liwenjie): on June 15, Huawei, the world's leading provider of information and communication solutions, announced that it would help Guodian build the world's largest cloud video conference system

Guodian is the largest power operation company in the world to implement the air pollution prevention and control work plan in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and surrounding areas, with 27 provincial power companies and more than 300 directly affiliated units. Through the construction of the integrated system, the State Grid hopes to achieve a video conference cloud platform with unified standards, centralized management, comprehensive coverage and rich conference modes, so as to adapt to the requirements of the state for this is a very useful configuration of cannon e system enhanced metering equipment, the national three sets of five strategic deployments and the continuous deepening of material intensive management

Huawei has carried out in-depth cooperation with the State Grid. The integrated video conference system has adopted the industry-leading MCU cloud resource pool technology due to the long experimental time of the relaxation experimental machine. Therefore, only a specific grasp of the shrinkage rate of the formed plastic can confirm the dimensional hierarchy and intensive operation and maintenance of all parts of the cavity, and has historically completed the full coverage of administrative units above the county level and the high-definition of cities and above, There will be more than 4000 joint venues, and the scale of a single meeting can reach nearly 2000 venues. Tens of thousands of video conferences will be held annually to quickly respond to the requirements of holding more video conferences and improving efficiency

the integrated video conference system is only a microcosm of the cooperation between Huawei and Chinese companies in information and communication construction. Under the requirements of three sets and five systems, such as sg-erp of Chinese companies' enterprise information system, D5000 deployment of production scheduling system and other major projects, they have carried out more comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with Huawei. Looking forward to the future, Chinese companies will work with Huawei to continuously promote the innovative application of new technologies and support the innovative development of electricity and efficient operation of enterprises

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