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Huawei joined the board of directors of the opnfv project in the nfv open source community

a new open source reference platform to accelerate the promotion of new products and services

Huawei announced that Dr. Anthony ong, chief scientist in the field of wireless network research and standards of its American Institute, had been appointed as a member of the platinum board of directors of the opnfv project. At present, the measurement and control system of most pull machines in the market is controlled by an 8-bit single chip microcomputer. Opnfv is an nfv (network function virtualization) open platform project created by the Linux foundation and announced its establishment on September 30. The open source community aims to provide a comprehensive open source platform at the operator level to accelerate the introduction of new products and services

I am very honored to be appointed as a member of the board of opnfv. Dr. Anthony ong said that in the future nfv deployment scenarios in various industries, such as M2M IOT communication and 5g communication, how to provide a fully documented open-source component that can be integrated and tested through the pilot roll test will be the driving force for the opnfv project

As an academician of the American Society of electrical and electronics engineers, Dr. Anthony ong has made outstanding contributions in the field of communication engineering standards such as 3GPP, 3GPP2 and IEEE 802. In addition, Dr. Soong has also published a large number of scientific research papers in the field of 4G and 5g wireless network communication, with more than 80 patents and nominations

at the same time, George reed, senior vice president of solutions and marketing of Huawei American Research Institute, will also join the marketing team of opnfv project. He will promote the opnfv project in major exhibitions and activities of the industry and work with other opnfv members to promote the project progress

Huawei has joined the opnfv project by virtue of the year-on-year increase of 22.35.1 in SDN (1) January and the leading edge in nfv. The original intention of the project is to use the calibration of existing open source component extensometers to build nfv infrastructure and virtualized infrastructure management solutions. In the long run, the objective of opnfv project is to establish an nfv solution ecosystem based on open standards and software, and to become an open source platform that has been given priority in the industry

the transformation of SDN and nfv in the current industry has gradually changed the service delivery and use mode. Margaret Chiosi, President of opnfv, said that in today's IOT era, operators are trying their best to meet the various needs of individual and enterprise consumers. The cooperation between operators and companies like Huawei will help to meet the various needs and challenges in the transformation of the times

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