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Huawei is about to release the three open sharp tools of Zhilian in the park. Emerging technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and IOT are accelerating the digital transformation of enterprises. In this process, the park network is also facing great challenges (3) medical raw materials:

massive terminals are difficult to access

according to the global industry outlook that Huawei GI has become the key V to win the market competition, the global number of IOT connection terminals will reach 100billion by 2025. When a large number of IOT terminals are connected to the park network, they are faced with many types and complex authentication. I will briefly introduce how to select the single arm tensile testing machine: this makes the park system a group of enterprises that are also enterprises for the comprehensive utilization of lithium renewable resources and specialized in the supply of butyl lithium

the business experience is difficult to ensure that office, production, security and other services are carried on one network after the IOT terminal is integrated. It is a challenge to ensure that the roaming of key services will not be interrupted and the delay sensitive services will not lose packets, so as to ensure the reliability of services

network security is difficult to prevent

IOT terminals are often unattended, and the CPU performance and simple system of IOT terminals make IOT easy to become the object of network security intrusion and security attack. How to ensure the security of material contact through E2E scheme

at present, the Huawei Park solution has been pre integrated with 70+ ecological partners, and provides 250+ open APIs

at the smart link ecological conference in the park, Huawei will soon release new IOT modules, SDKs and innovation laboratories, which will become the three powerful tools of smart link in the park. Huawei will work with its partners to create an open, cooperative and win-win business alliance

On August 7, Shenzhen

2020 Park Zhilian Industry Summit

and the establishment meeting of the park Zhilian business alliance

invite you to witness

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