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Huawei holosens machine vision appeared in Chengdu International Security Exhibition [Chengdu, China] on August, 2020, the 20th Chengdu International Security Exhibition was grandly held in the new international convention and Exhibition Center of Century City, Chengdu, and Huawei holosens machine vision made a great debut

Wang Chao, director of the Anping System Department of Sichuan Tibet government and enterprise of Huawei, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then machine vision is the eyes of the intelligent world. Machine vision is the entrance to the perception of all things. The software provided by Huawei defines cameras, intelligent video storage, and good hope mall. Just like intelligence, it provides benefits for thousands of industries, enabling digital transformation

at the main forum of Chengdu International Security Exhibition, pengxiaodong, general manager of Huawei China Machine Vision business, delivered a keynote speech on perceiving everything with the eyes of wisdom and lighting up the intelligent world, explaining the importance of machine vision for building an intelligent world. Looking back at the development of human history, the evolution of all species stems from the evolution of vision. Huawei hopes that machines, like humans, have the ability of visual perception. They can not only see, but also understand the world. Huawei machine vision hopes to use the eyes of wisdom to perceive all things and light up the intelligent world

the latest Huawei holosens machine vision cameras in this international security exhibition were all unveiled, such as erlangshen AI dual-mode ball machine, 5g camera, dual spectrum thermal imaging camera, AI ultra low light bayonet camera, etc. These star products have undoubtedly become the highlights of the products in this exhibition

erlangshen, AI dual-mode ball machine, as the name suggests, dual-mode architecture, binocular collaboration, dual direct power supply, direct gas supply 4million pixels, 20x zoom, 3D correlation tracking, can realize scene intelligence. The fog monitoring algorithm can more effectively assist the traffic safety warning, reduce the scene jitter by 80% and stabilize the imaging

5g camera, combined with the requirements of industrial applications and the characteristics of 5g network with large bandwidth and low delay, through intelligent flow control technology, Huawei 5g camera frame peak EPS board is a good thermal insulation material, down 40%; With the help of 5g terminal parameters and efficient algorithm, the average bandwidth is reduced. 2) process realization: the experimental process, measurement, display, etc. are realized by single chip microcomputer; 50%, which can realize 5g video transmission faster and better

fire eye, AI dual spectrum thermal imaging camera, AI visible light + thermal imaging double sword combination, fire point accuracy 98%+, perimeter accuracy 95%+; The extreme reliability design supports 10kV lightning protection and protects the green mountains and rivers

ai ultra low light level bayonet camera with 20tops computing power can enhance the color restoration effect at night through powerful AI computing power, filter out the interference of strong reflective stripes, and enhance the face in the car; Scene adaptation and automatic lane marking make the image clear all day; Traffic statistics function of divided lanes, one machine for multiple purposes

in addition, Huawei's good hope distribution series cameras, Anping solutions and intelligent transportation solutions also appeared one after another. Intelligence, holography and ecology are the cornerstones for the development of smart cities in the future. Based on the basic capabilities of high computing power, 5g and software definition, Huawei will provide intelligent solutions for cities in smart transportation, smart parks, environmental protection ecology and other scenarios through the platform +ai+ ecological model

ai development has injected new vitality into security. Huawei holosens machine vision has built an ecology around intelligence. Huawei will open up cooperation, share sunshine and empower industrial partners. It is hoped that more partners can join Huawei's ecological family, build a black land of ecological cooperation in Sichuan and win-win new era of intelligence

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