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Huawei's investment has created tens of billions of euros in economic benefits for Europe

[France, Paris, November 4, 2019] according to the Research Report of Oxford Institute of economics, in 2018, the global ICT leader Huawei's business activities in Europe created 12.8 billion euros in economic benefits for Europe, directly or through its supply chain to support 169700 jobs

in 2018, Huawei's direct contribution to European GDP was 2.5 billion euros, more than twice that of 2014, with an annual real growth rate of 19%. During the same period, the average annual growth rate of employment supported by Huawei was 13%, and the average annual growth rate of tax revenue was 17%

liukang, chief representative of Huawei in the European Union, said that the new European Commission hopes to establish a strong technology ecosystem covering Europe to achieve the goal of European digital sovereignty. The Research Report of Oxford Economic Research Institute shows that Huawei provides innovative and leading products and services for Europe. We support the EU in achieving the goal of technological leadership

we have made considerable contributions to the economic development of the European Union. While helping Europe improve productivity and ensuring that the stress of local enterprises and glass pipes is characterized by non-linear and anisotropic industries and industries, we are committed to working with the European Union to realize the vision of adapting Europe to the digital era

an important partner of European enterprises

in order to help the EU achieve its goals, Huawei cooperates with major European operators to build high-speed and reliable networks, and actively makes advantageous investment in the research and development of our company's compression shear testing machine. Huawei has established 23 research institutions in 12 countries in Europe, and has cooperated with 140 European universities Jinan experimental machine service system to carry out research projects, focusing on wireless, optical technology, cloud computing and new materials, helping Europe to enhance its advantages in these fields

in addition, Huawei also actively cooperates with European enterprises to ensure that the technologies it deploys can bring maximum benefits to the enterprise and the whole society

Oxford Economic Research Institute evaluated the overall economic impact of Huawei on Europe, including its contribution to European GDP, the jobs Huawei supports in Europe and the tax revenue it creates

breakdown of Huawei's impact

it was previously believed that in general, Huawei's contribution to European GDP in 2018 was 12.8 billion euros

in 2018, Huawei's direct contribution to operating expenses in EU Member States, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland was 2.5 billion euros

among the 12 European countries with the largest procurement by Huawei, the indirect contribution of Huawei's procurement of products and services through the supply chain is 5.4 billion euros

the contribution of the economic impact triggered by Huawei is 4.9 billion euros, mainly including the economic impact caused by the consumption of Huawei and its suppliers' employees, as well as the economic activities stimulated by these consumption behaviors on the retailer's supply chain

in 2018, Huawei supported a total of 169700 jobs in Europe through direct, indirect and triggered economic impacts. Among them, Huawei employs 13300 long-term and outsourced employees in Europe, and 80300 jobs in European enterprises supported by its supply chain

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