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core tips: at 13:00 p.m. on March 9, 2016, the main forum of 2016 China (Shanghai) International Printing week opened at the main venue of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) 2H hall

[China Packaging News] at 13:00 p.m. on March 9, 2016, the main forum of 2016 China (Shanghai) International Printing week opened at the main venue of 2H Hall of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

the forum was chaired by lixinli, President of Shanghai Printing Industry Association. Wang Yanbin, director of the printing and Distribution Department of the State Administration of publication, radio, film and television and chairman of China Printing Technology Association, xujiong, director of Shanghai Publishing Bureau, and many leaders from the state publishing administration, provincial (municipal) publishing bureaus and industry associations attended the meeting

centering on the theme of innovation and integrated development, the main forum of this China (Shanghai) International Printing week is constantly exciting. Now, let's count the five most important issues of this main forum

the warmest heart

according to our communication with the Ministry of environmental protection, printing, especially packaging and printing, is a problem of VOCs emission. However, at the national level, the printing industry has never been recognized as a heavy polluting industry, not a major polluter

In 18 years, the domestic waste paper plus imported waste paper needs about 81.67 million tons. Wangyanbin, director of the printing and Distribution Department of the state publishing administration and director general of the China Printing Technology Association, has become one of the most expected contents of each China (Shanghai) International Printing week. At this printing week, Director General Wang delivered a keynote speech entitled "implementing the five concepts, promoting transformation and upgrading, and steadily improving the supply quality and level of China's printing industry". Among them, when talking about green environmental protection, she particularly mentioned that last month, the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau announced that steel-making, printing and other projects would no longer be included in the municipal vocational skills competition. She believed that this statement was debatable. This is the voice of the highest competent department of the industry on this incident. Once this remark was made, countless people praised it

in the keynote speech, director Wang summarized the four basic business forms of the current development of China's printing industry, that is, the idea of intensifying the industry reshuffle, promoting the adjustment of industrial structure, and integrating innovation and development is becoming the consensus of the industry development, the continuous rise of operating costs forces enterprises' technological innovation, and the whole industry is facing unprecedented environmental protection and pressure. He further put forward guidelines, hoping that everyone will strengthen their confidence, Jointly promote the printing industry to improve the supply quality and level during the 13th Five Year Plan period

the most exciting

intellectualization is a top-level project, which requires printing enterprises to have a unified understanding and overall planning from top to bottom. The intelligent printing factory is a fundamental change for enterprises to integrate experimental force sensors into innovation, which tests the determination and confidence of the top leaders


chairman of beiren group zhangpeiwu

in line with the development idea of actively integrating into made in China 2025 and promoting the transformation of printing industry from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, beiren Group actively explores the practice path of intelligent printing factory. At this main forum, zhangpeiwu, chairman of beiren group, shared the ideas and ideas of beiren group's smart printing factory with the title of "transformation and upgrading road of printing industry of printing intelligent factory". In his opinion, the top leaders play a decisive role in the promotion of intelligence

zhangpeiwu also shared the implementation effect cases of two intelligent printing factories. First, after the intelligent transformation, the cost of a packaging enterprise in Shenzhen with an annual output value of 200million yuan was reduced by 35%, the number of personnel was reduced by 40%, and the production capacity was increased by 30%; Second, a book and magazine production workshop with a speed of 7000 books/hour has 20 original workers. After the intelligent transformation, there are 7 workers, and the production efficiency is at least 7000 books/hour. Zhangpeiwu hopes that through the construction of intelligent printing factories, China will be helped to move from a printing power to a printing power

the most persistent

although the printing environmental protection standard of the Ministry of environmental protection did not stipulate the greening of the production process (it was 2012), we feel that this is our corporate society, and green printing must be a conscious action


winner of the 13th Bisheng printing outstanding achievement award and chairman of Shanghai Xinxing printing equipment Co., Ltd.

the efforts of Shanghai Xinxing printing equipment Co., Ltd. led by xumaoqing in the field of green printing blanket are obvious to all. From 2011 to 2015, during the whole 12th Five Year Plan period, Xinxing company has carried out six technical transformations, all of which are aimed at green printing. Even in 2012, when the Ministry of environmental protection did not have clear requirements for the greening of the production process, it still investigated everywhere and finally designed a set of organic waste gas recovery and treatment device suitable for the company's production. In the speech session of the main forum, xumaoqing shared the mental journey of Xinxing company in implementing green printing with the title of "innovative research and development of green printing blanket". His dedication to technology, products and green printing is amazing

most looking forward to the future, our printing technology may fundamentally subvert the foundation of the information industry


won the 12th Bisheng printing outstanding Newcomer Award. 3. The winner of the microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine whose main engine is equipped with a lower cylinder,

songyanlin, director of the new materials laboratory of the Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, introduced the latest research results on the combination of nano materials and traditional printing technology in his speech entitled "preparation of optoelectronic equipment by nano green printing technology", It presents the infinite possibility of nano printing for the guests

in the course of making speeches on nano scale circuits, printing and preparing nano scale flexible transparent conductive films, and even now in full swing wearable electronic devices, songyanlin gave extensive examples to bring the audience to a beautiful nano world Songyanlin said that as we gradually reduce the printing accuracy to dozens of nanometer line width, we may further master chip processing technology in the future. You know, from the perspective of original patents, chip processing technology has no relevant intellectual property rights except Intel and AMD. Because the core of chip processing is line width. A beautiful blueprint has been drawn. Does this future make people look forward to it

most clearly

it is an inevitable choice for the sustainable development of the printing industry to tilt policies and resources towards capable, potential and competitive green printing enterprises, encourage advantageous enterprises to become stronger and bigger, and promote the adjustment of industrial structure when installing oil pipes connecting the main body and the force measuring device. Transformation and upgrading of green development is the inevitable choice for the sustainable development of the printing industry


Executive Deputy Secretary General of China Printing Technology Association,

president of China Printing magazine chenyingxin

Executive Deputy Secretary General of China Printing Technology Association and President of China Printing magazine chenyingxin released "green development trend of China printing industry from green printing survey". Since the investigation of China's green printing enterprises was carried out in 2013, through three consecutive years of investigation, we have objectively analyzed the survival status of green printing enterprises, the market demand for green printing technology, and the application of green raw and auxiliary materials

in 2014, the overall performance of the national green printing business was relatively stable, and the profitability of enterprises in the green printing business began to improve; At the same time, printing enterprises have a more in-depth understanding of the environmental requirements of the printing production process, and the control of the green printing process has also been raised to a higher level

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