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Huawei mate 30 exposure? Equipped with dual screens, the rear three camera style has been greatly improved

in the past two years, the shape has changed faster and faster. Major manufacturers are trying to increase the screen share of their products. However, few manufacturers can perfectly handle the relationship between the front lens and the screen. Recently, the media exposed a patent image of Huawei's dual screen appearance

from this group of rendering images, this front screen accounts for a very high proportion. We can see that although it has adopted topics such as meimeijian robot, 3D printing, smart factory and intelligent manufacturing, which has become a hot design in the manufacturing industry today, it is obvious that its front so that our business can really start. The space occupied by the lens is quite small. It is rumored that Meijian Institute has only placed a 3D structured light sensor, So as to realize 3D face recognition

the rear three cameras are protruding. The three cameras are horizontally arranged with the flash. Compared with the previously released Nubia X and vivo nex dual screen versions, this sub screen is much smaller in size; The keys are concentrated on the right side of the fuselage, and there are speaker openings, type-C data interface and 3.5mm headphone interface at the bottom. Of course, this group of renderings should come from the media. There are still many loose places. Just take a look (YY)

in the final analysis, whether through mechanical deformation or multi screen complementarity, it is to improve the proportion of the main screen. They have their own advantages and disadvantages

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