Five cases of decoration skills of children's room

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The environment of children's room has a subtle impact on children's growth. In order to make children grow up healthily and happily, parents need to make more efforts in the decoration of children's room. Now let's take a look at the decoration skills of children's rooms

decoration of children's room 1. The temptation of orange + green

children are always curious about colors, especially bright colors, which are easy to attract their attention. Fill the children's room with green and orange to show the boys' character of playing cool and handsome. Simple and practical furniture leaves more space for the bedroom, and the little boy can enjoy playing

decoration of children's room 2. The secret under the tatami bed

children always like to throw things everywhere. It's time to teach them to pack things. A tatami bed with storage function. The drawer under the bed is the storage space. The interesting design makes the bear children who don't like to tidy up also develop a good habit of being clean and tidy. The desk and bookshelf at the corner make full use of the bedroom space and are not wasted at all

decoration of children's room 3. The most important thing to protect safety

children jump, and a little carelessness may cause injury. Therefore, the furniture in the children's room should be made into rounded corners to comprehensively protect the safety of children. A top-level wardrobe makes storage easy

decoration of children's room 4. My princess dream

will there be little girls who don't like Hello Kitty? A pink bedroom with Hello Kitty is sure to be loved by little girls. The sunshine scattered all over the room and the comfortable tatami made everything look so beautiful

decoration of children's room 5. Floating windows are inferior and scholarly

adults like floating windows, and children also like them very much. Combine the floating window with the desk. Reading, writing and entertainment here make time more meaningful

the above is about the decoration of children's room. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about children's room decoration, please pay attention to the decoration information channel





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