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" Gold nine silver ten ” It is the traditional peak season for decoration, but with the rapid rise in the cost of building materials, it is really necessary to pay more for the decoration of a house at present. Recently, the reporter visited and found that in recent days, the building materials market and decoration companies in our city have successively received the notice of price adjustment of some building materials, among which the wires in hydropower materials have increased significantly, with an increase of about 25%


decoration costs have risen, and citizens are looking forward to the off-season

Ms. Huang, a citizen, bought a house with an area of more than 100 square meters in a demolition and resettlement community in the North District last year, and officially started decoration at the beginning of this month. However, when she went shopping in the building materials market, she was surprised to find that the prices of many main decoration materials have increased

take the cement and yellow sand necessary for laying ceramic tiles at home as an example. There are several tractors parked opposite the community where Ms. Huang is located, with contact information left on them, and they can be delivered directly by phone. Ms. Huang said that at present, the market price of cement is 20 yuan a package, while at the beginning of this year, the market price of cement was only 17 yuan a package, an increase of 3 yuan a package

“ At present, the tiles in my house have been pasted, and the cement and yellow sand cost hundreds of yuan more than at the beginning of the year& rdquo; Facing the current rapid rise in home decoration costs, Ms. Huang began to hesitate whether to suspend work until the price of home decoration building materials fell


the overall rise in raw material prices is the main reason

at present, it is the peak season for decoration. What are the reasons for the rise in decoration costs? Yesterday, the reporter visited a number of building materials markets in the urban area and found that at the end of last year, major building materials manufacturers had issued notice letters from major channels and dealers about price increases, and the prices of decoration raw materials rose collectively in 2017

the reporter saw in a building materials market that a “ Price adjustment letter ” Again, it says, “ As the main raw material for the production of gypsum board, the price of paper has risen sharply, resulting in a sharp and rapid rise in the cost of gypsum board. The manufacturer has continuously raised the product price. The price of gypsum board under the company has increased by 10-20 yuan& rdquo;

manager Li, who has been engaged in the decoration industry for many years, told reporters that from the perspective of the whole industry, the prices of building materials and auxiliary materials such as flooring, plate, wood, cement, yellow sand, paint, glue, hardware, wires and so on have increased one after another, with an increase of 8% to 40% compared with last year. In addition, soft furniture has also increased to varying degrees due to the rise in upstream raw materials and logistics prices

“ In addition to the increase in freight and material costs, the rise in labor costs is also a major factor in the substantial increase in home decoration costs& rdquo; Manager Li said that due to the increasing cost of living and the shortage of skilled decoration workers in the industry, especially the scarcity of young workers, workers' wages have increased


rough decoration costs an extra 35000 yuan

Li Jie told reporters that as the first “ Enter ” For hydropower projects, the cost of materials has increased by about 10%, of which the price of wires can be said to be one price a day. Last year, the price of wires was 80 yuan/plate, and now it has risen to more than 100 yuan/plate, with an increase of about 25%& ldquo; It can only be said that the wire price has returned to the level of 2010, because the price fell in 2010& rdquo;

in addition, Li Jie said that at present, the package price launched by many home decoration companies in Yangzhou has not been greatly adjusted, and it is not affected by the price adjustment of materials& ldquo; The price is still low, because the decoration processes of various home decoration companies are different& rdquo; Li Jie calculated an account. At present, ordinary citizens will choose “ Half pack ”, That is to say, contract labor but not materials. For a house with more than 100 square meters, the decoration cost is about 150000 yuan, 60000 yuan labor cost and 90000 yuan purchase materials. Affected by the price adjustment of building materials, it is estimated that the decoration cost will be 3000-5000 yuan more, so citizens need not panic

(source: Yangzhou times)





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