Simple rule of choosing stone

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Nowadays, stone is widely used in home decoration. It is generally used for table panel, floor and wall decoration. It is suitable to match with wood products and has a sense of complementing each other. So how to choose stone from the aspects of quality and environmental protection

1. Color

the color of the toilet should be consistent with that of the bathtub and washbasin. The color should not be darker than the floor tiles, and the color should be coordinated with the wall tiles

2. Quality

the glaze of the toilet should be bright and clean, smooth, bright and translucent, without obvious defects, needle eyes and lack of glaze. After sitting, it should make a crisp and pleasant sound, no cracking sound is better, no cracks, trademarks should be clear, various accessories are complete, no deformation, etc

3. Water outlet

when the water outlet of the toilet is for drainage, measure the distance from the center of the water outlet to the wall behind the water tank, otherwise the toilet cannot be installed. The outlet of the horizontal drainage toilet should be equal to the height of the horizontal drainage outlet, and it is better to be slightly higher to ensure that the sewage is unblocked

4. Water saving

today, with the gradual rise of water charges, water-saving performance is becoming increasingly important. The size of the water tank does not mean whether it is water-saving, but whether the design of the flushing and drainage system and water tank accessories in the toilet structure is reasonable and whether the quality is qualified. Generally, the flushing volume of the toilet should be marked, and the flushing volume below 6 liters can be classified as a water-saving toilet

5. The three piece set of supporting sanitary ware should be matched. The relevant faucet should also be matched with the faucet of bathtub and washbasin. The brand and style are the same. If conditions permit, the towel rack should also be the same type as the faucet




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