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At present, thermal insulation coatings are most widely used. It is a viscous paste made of natural mineral fiber materials and artificial silicate fiber materials, supplemented by fillers, additives, adhesives, etc. in a certain proportion, through loosening, mixing, beating and bubbling

thermal insulation coating is a new type of functional coating. It can effectively prevent heat conduction, reduce the temperature of surface coating and internal environment, so as to improve the working environment and reduce energy consumption. Therefore, it is widely used in building exterior walls, ship decks, car shells, oil tank exterior walls, military aerospace and other fields. Next, the editor will introduce the standards of multi-functional thermal insulation coatings and the purchasing skills of thermal insulation coatings

standard for multifunctional thermal insulation coating

the so-called standard is to reach a certain data level specified by the state. For the thermal insulation coating used in building energy conservation, its standard is specified from the aspects of construction requirements, inspection rules, test methods, packaging, marking and storage. For example, when painting, according to the specified standards of thermal insulation paint, there shall be no falling off, holes, cracks, etc. in the sun for 24 hours, and the painted surface layer must be uniform; After the construction is completed, there are specified standards for its alkali resistance, water resistance, drying time, washing resistance, stain resistance, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of building energy conservation

tips for purchasing thermal insulation coatings

1. First ask his price, and they may come to ask you what price you need. If you say that there are cheap and good, you must be fooling people. Don't believe it

2. For construction with a price lower than 10 yuan/m2, don't choose. If you think about it, do you want 3 yuan/m2 for labor, 1 yuan/m2 for mechanical loss, 1 yuan/m2 for profit, and 5 yuan/m2 for paint. The ordinary latex paint you bought in the market also costs 5-6 yuan per square meter. The thermal insulation paint is not even as good as ordinary latex paint. Dare you use it? In less than a year, all will be lost

3. Don't believe those who can't open 17% value-added tax! He is not even a general tax payer. Can such a company be trusted

4. Don't believe it if you dare to compare product samples

5. Don't believe those who can't explain their own materials (main ingredients)

6. Don't believe that thermal insulation paint can be used on concrete. The paint cannot be used on concrete. It will fall off in less than 2 months

characteristics of thermal insulation coating

1. High temperature resistance, using inorganic nano ceramic beads and Zhisheng Weihua special high temperature solution, the temperature resistance can reach 1800 ℃ for a long time

2. Low thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of Zhisheng brand high temperature resistant thermal insulation coating is only 0.03w/m.k, which can effectively inhibit all kinds of heat conduction and radiant heat. The thermal insulation inhibition efficiency can reach about 90%, which can inhibit the heat radiation and heat conduction loss of high-temperature objects and low-temperature objects, and can maintain 70% of the heat of objects. ZS-1 high temperature resistant thermal insulation coating is applied with 8mm thickness on the surface of 1100 ℃ object, and the temperature of the object surface can be reduced from 1100 ℃ to less than 100 ℃

3. Inorganic water-based environmental protection coating, 100% of the raw materials are refined from inorganic materials. The water-based coating has no gas generation and no harmful gas volatilization under normal and high temperature

4. Good insulation and pressure resistance. The insulation grade of ceramic beads and static air case in ZS-1 high temperature resistant thermal insulation coating can reach grade I, the hardness of the coating can reach 6h, and the pressure resistance strength can withstand more than 80 MPa

5. The flame retardant and fire rating of the material is high. Due to the high temperature resistance of ZS-1 high temperature resistant thermal insulation coating, it is made of inorganic materials, which have no flash point and no harmful gas generation. It can be used on the inner wall of the kiln for fire-resistant barbecue all year round, and the fire rating reaches grade a

editor's summary: This is the introduction of the standard of multi-functional thermal insulation paint and the purchasing skills of thermal insulation paint. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information




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