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According to the survey, people aged 18 to 32 are called "millennials". That is, we are familiar with the post-80s and post-90s generation. Three quarters of the people in this age group have full-time jobs, and 20% have an annual income of more than 100000 yuan. And more importantly, they are about to enter or have entered the age of getting married and buying a house. When Chinese people get married, they inevitably need to purchase household and furniture. Obviously, millennials have strong spending power. However, everyone agrees that the consumption habits of this consumer group are different from those of other age groups. The household products they want have been completely different from those of their parents

products that pursue individuality, novelty and fashion

it should be noted that under the current market environment, the post-80s and 90s have become the most mainstream consumer groups in the door and window market. In market research, many young people often focus on the style of doors and windows. Therefore, whether the style of aluminum alloy doors and windows has fashion elements or conforms to the aesthetics of young people is very important. In this era of individuality, the main force of door and window consumption not only pursues comfort and practicality, but also does not give up the pursuit of fashionable door and window products

higher requirements for practical household products

at present, domestic house prices are high, and young people generally choose small family houses, so they also have higher requirements for practicality in the selection of household products such as doors and windows. Personalized household products not only meet the psychological desire of the post-80s and post-90s to pursue a fresh life, but also meet the practical situation that most young people have a small home environment and can't put too much furniture, which can be described as killing many birds with one stone

higher requirements for home environmental protection

the post-80s and 90s also have high requirements for environmental protection when choosing home building materials products. Young people attach great importance to the formaldehyde content of latex paint, wood boards, doors and windows, floor tiles, wallpaper, and modern panel furniture for home decoration. More importantly, most post-80s and post-90s people are old enough to have children. When decorating, I was very worried about the physical damage caused by decoration pollution to the next generation. Maybe the older generation didn't pay much attention to formaldehyde, but young people really attach great importance to it. In fact, there are too many domestic problems in environmental protection. Living here, many door and window enterprises continue to strive for low-carbon, energy-saving, environmental protection, no odor, zero formaldehyde... A variety of energy-saving and environmental friendly door and window products enter the sight of consumers, enter consumers' new homes with a healthy concept of life, and bring consumers a green and environmental life

pursue the overall collocation and coordination of interior decoration

China's emerging middle class has formed. According to statistics, by the end of 2015, more than 109million people had reached the level of the middle class in China. Most of these people are post-80s people who have graduated for many years. In the choice of home furnishings and furniture, this group of people also have their own choices. Under the current high pressure of work and life, many young people hope that interior decoration can create a warm feeling and make people more comfortable and relaxed. In the selection of household products such as doors and windows, we will consider more matching and coordination with decoration in appearance, modeling and color

in the next 5-10 years, the arrival of the third wave of population peak will drive the further development of the home furnishing industry such as doors and windows. Whether to seize these years is something that every door and window person needs to consider. To seize the target customer group, the first thing to consider is what their real needs are




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