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Smart creates productivity. The 2012 industrial computer and embedded system exhibition was launched in August. With the theme of smart creates productivity, the 2012 industrial computer and embedded system exhibition ipce2012 will appear in the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on August, and join hands with global industrial computer (IPC), embedded board, embedded system solutions, man-machine interface, MCU and related electronic components and parts suppliers, Bring a variety of embedded technologies, products and solutions for various industries to the industrial market. At the same time of the exhibition, 2012 industrial intelligence and Pervasive Computing Conference and the fourth MCU technology innovation and Embedded Application Conference MCU will be held! MCU! A series of high-quality and forward-looking high-end forums, such as the Fifth China International Medical Electronic Technology Conference cmet2012 and the industry application special forum, will attract a large number of engineering technicians and managers from China's automation, security, power, energy, transportation, digital signage and other popular industries

wisdom, creativity, productivity, embedded technology drives the world forward

according to incomplete statistics, with the continuous development of technology and the decline of cost, the ubiquitous embedded system market has exceeded trillion. At the third MCU technology innovation and embedded application conference, some experts said that the annual shipment of MCU, one of the core components of embedded system, exceeded 10 billion, and the related embedded boards, storage The display, power supply and software markets are even larger

with the continuous expansion of the special program domain developed by us under the application of embedded technology, the application and interaction modes of various automatic production equipment, life tools and electronic products have changed dramatically, and all products have become more intelligent. What follows is the continuous improvement of creativity and productivity in people's production, work and life. They silently monitor and perceive relevant data behind the products, so that the products can quickly and accurately respond to instructions or environmental changes, or even predict changes and respond in advance, and let the products interact with other products, systems and users in a new way, changing one by one from home to cars, from factories to cities, and finally forming a more intelligent and interconnected world. At the industrial computer and embedded system exhibition held in August, in addition to the basic IPC, embedded boards, man-machine interfaces, MCU and related electronic components and parts, the latest solutions in various application fields such as IOT, intelligent power, intelligent transportation, intelligent security and automotive electronics will also become the biggest highlight of the exhibition

wonderful display reveals the development direction of embedded systems

while changing the world, the markets of IOT, cloud computing and intelligent dual space hydraulic all-round experimental machines are divided into two types: cylinder mounted and cylinder mounted. The earth market also further expands the demand for embedded systems. Under the new market and industrial situation, in addition to high reliability and availability, the development trend of embedded systems such as miniaturization, intelligence, modularization and low power consumption is more obvious, and further moves towards the process of openness, integration and standardization. Relevant enterprises also begin to move towards the development process from selling products to selling solutions, and then to selling services

according to the introduction of the organizer of the creative times exhibition, in ipce2 in the horizontal and vertical combustion measuring instrument 012, embedded system enterprises of different sizes and fields will show their own characteristics and advantages, from which more industry development trends will be found. The first large-scale gathering of China's most important embedded technology user group will also play a positive role in promoting the exchange and promotion of related technologies and concepts

the strong presence of the high-end forum to create an industry-leading technology event

ipce2012 is another highlight of the fourth MCU technology innovation and embedded application conference held at the same time! MCU! 2012 and the 5th China International Medical Electronic Technology Conference cmet2012. MCU! MCU! Since it was held with CMET, it has attracted the strong participation of many top manufacturers in the embedded field, such as Microsoft, Intel, Freescale, Italy France semiconductor, Texas Instruments hinge, which will be restored to the original folding state, NXP, Fujitsu, arm, MIPs, Xilinx, ATMEL, ADI, Evonik Technology, Fenghe, etc., and has a high reputation and influence in the industry. This time, it has joined the camp of simultaneous events of IPCE, It will bring more advanced technologies and wonderful contents to the audience. For more details, please pay attention to the official website:

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