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Smart Lovol appears in the 15th Beijing Agricultural Trade Fair recently, the 15th China International Agricultural Products Fair opened in Beijing. As a prominent representative of the domestic agricultural machinery industry, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment, together with the power shift tractor may 4 puller, hydraulic overturning plough, air suction precision seeder, suspended large-scale spray machine and Lovol Ceres longitudinal axial flow grain combine harvester, cooperated with E-field technology vehicle mounted intelligent terminal, Lovol agricultural machinery housekeeper app and other information-based equipment, formed the strongest lineup of "intelligent solutions for the whole process mechanization of major grain crops" to participate in the exhibition, It won the high attention and recognition of the participants

smart Lovol appeared at the 15th Beijing Agricultural Trade Fair.

"Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment exhibition machines and tools represent the highest level of the whole process mechanization solutions for major domestic grain crops, and closely follow the conference theme of 'green development, ecological priority, brand leadership and industrial upgrading', adding luster to this agricultural trade event." People from the industry said after visiting the lovoapos agricultural equipment exhibition area

this agricultural trade fair has set up a special exhibition area for agricultural equipment, which focuses on the brilliant achievements of China's agricultural machinery scientific and technological innovation, agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery industry since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and the great role of China's agricultural machinery scientific and technological progress in agricultural development. Agricultural machinery exhibitors represented by Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment showed their latest R & D achievements. Among them, the power shift tractors, longitudinal axial flow harvesters and precision seeding machines independently developed by Lovol Arbos attracted the most attention

the power shift and intelligent control technology of apos p1304 power shift tractor on display was developed in Europe and customized according to the usage habits and operation characteristics of domestic users. Its biggest advantage is that it is equipped with the latest power shift gearbox, more information-based physical interfaces and more open information platform. Just like the difference between a function and an intelligence, it realizes a wider range of information-based equipment sharing and linking

delegates at the meeting paid attention to Lovol's whole process mechanization solution

the power shift transmission of Arbos tractor realized 30 gear settings without difference and overlap, and the operating speed range of up to 11 gears, providing more choices and economic efficiency. The main operation gears with the speed below 14km/h realize the full-automatic electro-hydraulic control linkage between the sub box and the brake, which can effectively improve the operation efficiency

after seeing the Lovol Ceres gm80 longitudinal axial flow harvester on display, a senior person in the harvest machinery industry said that the development and successful application of Lovol Ceres gm80 not only achieved a breakthrough in feeding capacity, but also achieved the perfect integration of the world's mainstream longitudinal axial flow technology with Chinese agronomy, representing the advanced level of Chinese harvesters. It is the most ideal model for upgrading China's mainstream models and replacing imported products

a cooperative principal from Zhengding, Hebei, stayed for a long time in the LoVo apos exhibition area. Looking at the matt mark air suction precision seeder in front of him, he said: "I saw this seeder at the Zhengding 'field day' activity. At that time, it completed the precision ridge sowing of soybean and the precision interplanting of corn and peanut. The effect was very good!" "The biggest advantage of the mattmark air suction precision seeder is its accuracy and efficiency. By changing the seed tray, it can realize the single seed sowing of granular seeds ranging from rape to peanut. The exclusive patented easy-set system can quickly adjust the sowing row spacing." The sales personnel of Matt mark seeder at the scene introduced

foreign customers pay attention to apos sowing machinery

in recent years, Lovol apos agricultural equipment has integrated global resources, built a European R & D base synchronized with the world, formed a business operation platform of the full value chain, and is responsible for the operation of high-end agricultural machinery and equipment such as power shift tractors, large-scale harvesters, precision seeders, and preliminarily established a global operation system of "China headquarters + Europe" for Lovol apos agricultural equipment business, It has become an important support for Lovol heavy industries to develop the international high-end agricultural equipment market

at the same time, as a leading brand in the domestic agricultural equipment industry, Lovol Arbos has always been committed to the development of modern agriculture. In recent years, on the basis of maintaining industry leadership in many market fields of domestic agricultural machinery for many years, following the trend of "supply side reform" in agriculture, we have actively explored industry + interconnection. At the same time, based on the advantage of the largest user group of agricultural equipment in China, we have continued to innovate business models, intelligently interconnected equipment, data, agricultural operation, farmland management and other elements, and built a user-centered overall solution for agricultural intelligent technology, And formulated the lovoapos smart agriculture 2025 strategy

"in the future, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment will continue to increase R & D investment and integration and transformation, and realize the transformation from foreign technology to domestic independent intellectual property rights through synchronous R & D and production at home and abroad. It will timely adjust the product structure, transform to intelligent, efficient and large-scale, and actively make breakthroughs and innovations in the field of medium and high-end agricultural machinery, citing gb/t 4897 ⑵ 003 Chipboard leads the domestic agricultural machinery industry. People have put forward the development trend of the industry, providing users with overall solutions for agricultural equipment, ensuring national food security, and promoting the mechanization of agricultural machinery and the development of modern agriculture. " Said wangyurong, general manager of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment

it is understood that the current agricultural trade fair has attracted 49 delegations and more than 1600 enterprises from all provinces, both sides of the Taiwan Strait and abroad to participate in the exhibition, focusing on the new technology in the field of agricultural innovation and development. Haydale is making a presentation to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

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