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On February 22, the national tour of Zoomlion concrete machinery with the theme of "building a beautiful China with smart concrete" opened in Changsha, the capital of China. More than 200 guests witnessed the launch of the event. In the next two months in terms of localization of innovative products, Zoomlion's 4.0 products built with wisdom and ingenuity will go into major cities to receive reviews and experiences from customers across the country. As the first stop of the tour, Changsha station in Central China has made a good start for the national tour with an on-site signature of 200million yuan

▲ Zoomlion concrete machinery national tour exhibition launched

4.0 new products show a new leap in intelligent manufacturing

in the opening ceremony speech, guoxuehong, vice president of Zoomlion welcomed the guests and friends and thanked them for their long-term support to Zoomlion. He said that Zoomlion has thoroughly implemented the new development concept, further released new potential energy for development, and upgraded its products: the energy efficiency and safety of pumping products have been comprehensively improved; Upper limit setting of mixer truck: the reliability and economy of the upper limit set by the user have reached a new level in the industry; The metering accuracy and production efficiency of the mixing plant have set a new benchmark in the industry. In 2019, Zoomlion will continue to upgrade, bring customers products with better quality and stronger profitability, provide more comprehensive solutions and create greater value

▲ guoxuehong, vice president of Zoomlion, delivered a speech. At the meeting, relevant technical directors of Zoomlion introduced the unique advantages of Zoomlion 4.0 concrete machinery products and new products to the guests. Zoomlion concrete machinery has achieved "the most complete type spectrum and specifications, leading performance technology, and full coverage of high-end economy", and each product has made a qualitative leap in quality, technology, service, use cost, manufacturing refinement and so on

▲ at the activity site of Changsha first station of Zoomlion concrete machinery national tour exhibition

each product platform manager of Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. stepped on the stage and introduced in detail a number of 4.0 products and new products, such as concrete pump truck, trailer mounted pump, mixer truck, wangqingguo: Men's mixing station, machine-made sand, etc

there is a 56m pump truck with the industry's first full attitude boom active vibration reduction technology, the boom vibration is reduced by more than half, and the pumping efficiency is increased by more than 8%; There are faster, more stable and more economical 4.0 new four bridge 63m pump trucks and three bridge 52m pump trucks; There are more reliable, more powerful and more cost-effective 4.0 trailer pump vehicle mounted pump products; New mixer truck 4.0 equipped with professional heavy truck chassis; There are also concrete 4.0 mixing plants with production efficiency increased by 20% and environmental protection and energy conservation; There is also a 4.0 high-quality machine-made sand production line with large production capacity, low energy consumption, high quality and strong environmental protection... A series of high-quality products that have won a good reputation through strength, such as "Chang Sheng Jiang" and "king of cost performance", have been highly concerned and widely recognized by on-site customers

in addition, the highlights of Zoomlion's new generation "I" series products are also presented. It is reported that the "I" series products have four intelligent capabilities of "personality growth", "predicting the future", "visual interaction" and "Internet collaboration", which have aroused great interest of the guests

service upgrade creates a better experience for customers

in addition to the comprehensive display of upgraded 4.0 products and new products, Zoomlion also announced the comprehensive upgrade of services at the opening ceremony of this tour to improve customer experience and create greater value. Zoomlion integrates and unifies services, service platforms and service standards to provide customers with full-service support throughout the product life cycle

Zoomlion announced to upgrade the "157" service commitment, standardize service items, expand the functions of Zoomlion e-butler, and improve the support capacity. At the same time, the four level warehouse network will make the supply of spare parts more timely and complete

"Zoomlion has a strong service support capability. At present, it has established 367 service points in the country, with more than 1000 professional engineers on standby 24 hours a day. There are also 25 mobile expert group personnel on standby, which can start quickly within 24 hours. Spare parts can be guaranteed in place 24 hours a day. Zoomlion has also developed special maintenance stations nationwide, realizing full coverage of 200 km or 200 pump truck regional maintenance points. This year, it will build 100 special maintenance stations About the maintenance station ", said the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion

one of the customers at the meeting sincerely praised: "in addition to the quality of the product itself, the service and spare parts of concrete machinery products are very important. Zoomlion's complete spare parts warehouse, strong service team and full-cycle service have relieved us of our worries about purchasing equipment."

▲ the guests attending the meeting watched Zoomlion's products

win big orders and usher in a strong start of the new year

products with excellent performance were favored by customers. In addition, thanks to the preferential policies launched by Zoomlion, the signing ceremony pushed the event to a climax. "50 sets of mixing plant production lines", "100 mixing trucks", "10 pump trucks plus 20 mixing trucks"... A series of big orders have been released one after another. The total signing amount of more than 200million yuan fully shows the recognition of our customers for Zoomlion concrete machinery products

a customer said: "we have cooperated with Zoomlion for many years, and we are trustworthy in terms of product quality and subsequent service guarantee."

as early as January this year when the beam was moved down, Zoomlion's products were selling well: at the spring order meeting of Zoomlion Southwest Branch, an order of 300million yuan for concrete machinery was signed; The Spring Festival has made a good start. Many new intelligent, environmental friendly, green and efficient 4.0 products, such as pump trucks and on-board pumps, have been delivered to customers in East China, North China and southwest China. In recent years, the market competitiveness of the leading products of Zoomlion concrete machinery has been continuously enhanced, and the market share has been steadily increased. The relevant person in charge of Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. said that it is expected that the output value of concrete business will continue to grow in 2019

industry experts said that Zoomlion, as the leader of equipment manufacturing, has always been at the forefront of the industry and actively explored from product innovation to service upgrading, from the transformation of new business model to the construction of a new industrial ecosystem of mutual benefit and win-win results. With the promotion of Zoomlion's tour exhibition, more customers will understand and experience the upgraded 4.0 products, and Zoomlion will also usher in greater development

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