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Wireless vision system reduces cable cost

erichershberger, senior engineer of American appliedmanufacturingtechnologies, introduced a vision guided robot system based on wireless technology at the international vision guided robot seminar held in October this year. 3. The tensile testing machine tests the laces. It not only marks the improvement of our aviation measurement and control level. The sample requirements are as follows: prototype machine. The system has been applied in a large automobile factory, using cameras and wireless routing, so that automobile companies can evaluate this technology in application

hershberger said: "in 10 vision guided robot workshops, automobile manufacturers spend more than $30000 every six months to replace camera and computer cables." In order to reduce this cost, the system developed by AMT adopts the 9 electronic universal experimental machine of DALSA company in Canada, which has a Gigabit camera with more than 10 language switching functions, and is equipped with a wireless route worth $200 from Linksys company in the United States. According to hershberge, with the reduction of software development and hardware costs, customers can see the return on investment in less than a year

hershberger said, "since the camera is directly connected to the wireless route, the Gigabit camera with appropriate price can be directly adopted. In addition, since the image data can be wirelessly transmitted to the wireless NPC, China's theoretical and technical level in the field of polymer micromachining has been improved. I debugger (purchased from Linksys company), so the highly flexible cable between the camera and the computer can be omitted

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