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Wire China 2016: Evonik exhibited high-performance nylon

Evonik, an innovative industrial group from Germany, exhibited high-performance nylon 12 at the 7th China wire China exhibition, which is mainly suitable for optical fiber packaging and mouse ant resistant outer sheath

with the rise of the era of interconnection, big data and 4G wireless network, the demand for communication, new energy and smart electricity is bound to maintain rapid growth. We believe that this will be a great opportunity for the cable industry in the next few years. In view of the theme of "intelligence, wisdom and intelligent manufacturing" proposed by the exhibition for the new opportunities to be faced by the cable industry, Evonik launched the following to give you an introduction, focusing on the characteristics of pendulum impact testing machine and ordinary maintenance products, which are highly consistent with the perfect interpretation of the theme

Evonik's main product on display this time is high-performance nylon 12, which is mainly suitable for optical fiber tight wrapping and anti mouse ant outer sheath. With the development and wide promotion of 4g/5g wireless network technology, the demand for optical fiber tight packaging applications in the communication industry is increasing day by day. Nylon 12 has been used as an optical fiber tight package for several decades. As the main supplier of nylon 12 materials, Evonik high performance polymer business line has rich experience and professional technical team. Therefore, up to now ldquo; Qian rdquo; Nylon 12 products of Jingyou Bentou riyingchuang high performance polymer are still the preferred high-performance materials for optical fiber tight packaging. They have been widely used in stealth optical cables and jumpers, and have always been concerned by the market. The remarkable advantage of nylon 12 lies in its excellent transparency, good high and low temperature resistance, good mechanical protection for optical fiber, low shrinkage, easy processing, anti-aging and other characteristics

in addition, the anti mouse and ant outer sheath was also the key part of Evonik's display. In fact, in foreign countries, such as Australia, which is also the most cost-effective insulation material in the external wall insulation system, India and other countries, especially for the high-end cable market, have strict requirements for rat ant resistance. The cable made of Evonik nylon 12 has natural rat ant resistance characteristics. It can not only effectively prevent rat ant invasion, but also has product advantages such as UV resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, small bending radius and cracking prevention, Therefore, it has been widely praised by the market

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