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The wire was hung up and the relevant departments rushed to repair it (the horse pull testing machine enterprises should also become a partner of cooperation. Xiao Wei photographed the report) early in the morning of August 2, the community staff of Jianshe lane, Xiaoqiao sub district office, Chengbei District, Xining City, found that several wires between the No. 16 family courtyard of Jianshe lane and the No. 10 family courtyard of Jianshe Lane had been hung up during the flood control investigation, which had potential safety hazards. Worried about endangering the safety of pedestrians and vehicles and affecting the power consumption and communication of residents in nearby communities, community workers immediately maintained traffic order and contacted the power supply department and the communication company to repair, so as to finally eliminate potential safety hazards

in the morning of the same day, at the intersection of a small road in the north of Jianshe lane, sevenoreight wires suspended in the air were hung up and fell to the ground. The staff of the power supply department had checked the situation on the site. Because they could not determine whether the disconnected wires were powered on, and there were many pedestrians and vehicles on the road, many community staff advised passing vehicles and pedestrians. After confirmation by the power supply department, only one of these suspended wires belongs to the energized wire, and the rest belongs to the communication wire. Subsequently, the community staff contacted the personnel of several communication companies in the provincial capital for emergency repair. After learning about the situation on site, the emergency repair personnel of several communication companies immediately started the emergency repair work in the face of heavy rain. After intense emergency repair, the broken wires were repaired again, and the roads were gradually restored

according to the community staff, because the district is an old urban area, many wires and cables are exposed. These wires and cables are erected between the two buildings of No. 16 family courtyard and No. 10 family courtyard in Jianshe lane, and the height of the wires is low. In the morning, trucks and buses passing the road hung up many wires above the road

from our newspaper (hanchenchen) recently, Ms. Han, who lives in Shengshi Huacheng community, Chengbei District, reported to our newspaper that the property fee in the community suddenly increased. Although the property company had posted a property fee notice on the floor of the unit before, it did not explain the reason for the increase. The residents in the community suspected that the property company had arbitrary charges

on the morning of August 1, I did not see the notice posted by the property management company mentioned by Ms. Han in area h of Shengshi Huacheng community. "In the past, the property management fee was 1.2 yuan per square meter, but now it is said to rise to 1.6 yuan. The property management company just pasted the charge notice on the residents' downstairs without explaining why the price was increased. Moreover, the notice was torn off when it was posted, and many owners did not see it." Said Ms. song, the owner

Mr. Qu, the owner of the community, said that if the area of his house was calculated according to 90 square meters, it used to be about 108 yuan a month, but now it needs to pay 144 yuan, an extra 36 yuan a month

"we also reported this to the relevant departments. They replied that the price increase was within a reasonable range, which we can understand. However, the sanitation in the community was poor, the storage was poor, the excavation was often random, the elevator was often broken, and the service and charge obviously did not match." Mr. Lu, a resident of the community, said

subsequently, I contacted the property of Shengshi Huacheng District h of Qinghai Gangcheng Property Management Co., Ltd, The property staff explained: "because the cost of property fees is now high, such as annual inspection fees for elevators, elevator maintenance premiums, fire protection maintenance fees, etc. are increasing year by year, so after calculation and reporting, we decided to adjust the property fees from 1.2 yuan to 1.6 yuan. Before the property fees were increased, notices were posted in each unit of each building in District h, but we don't know who tore them."

in view of the disorderly excavation in the community and the poor sanitation, the staff told us that the ground was excavated and repaired after the water pipe was repaired because the water pipe and heating pipe in the community burst, "With regard to sanitation, our cleaners are cleaning every day, but some residents in the community let their dogs urinate in the elevator, and even some residents threw objects at high altitude and threw garbage, which gives the cleaners a headache."

"the property fee has been adjusted. In the future work, we will also improve our own property services. Please rest assured for all residents in area h." Community property staff said

from our newspaper (yanzhuo) "director, what are you busy with in such a heavy rain?" "Madam, the iron trash cans purchased by the Qinghai Academy of Social Sciences for our lane are in place. I'll go and see if they are installed." On August 2, the residents of shangbinhe road in Chengzhong District welcomed a happy event. Under the coordination of the community, this lane has a new iron trash can

there are 66 households in shangbinhe road. The houses were built by themselves in the 1970s. The infrastructure is poor and there is no one to manage them. Over the years, the co construction units in the area often donate plastic garbage cans to shangbinhe road roadway, which solves the problem of no place for garbage. However, many residents in shangbinhe road roadway still burn coal for heating in winter. Plastic garbage cans are often burned, which not only has potential safety hazards, but also pollutes the environment. A resident told the Community Liaison Station of Xihai Metropolis Daily: "the newly replaced plastic garbage cans in the lane are still seriously damaged. The weather these days is so hot that the yard is always smelly." Residents hope to replace garbage cans

the community staff of shangbinhe Road, Yinma Street sub district office, Chengzhong District, actively coordinated the replacement of garbage cans. Qinghai Academy of Social Sciences, the alliance unit of "happy party building" under the jurisdiction, claimed this project in the "project library" through the community party building joint meeting. Because most of the garbage cans placed in the upper Binhe Road roadway in the early stage were plastic, this time, iron garbage cans were specially customized. After nearly a month of efforts, the iron trash can has been placed in place

houhaixia, head of shangbinhe Road community, said that the installation of iron garbage cans has solved the major problems of residents and beautified the living environment. I am very grateful to the alliance units in the jurisdiction for solving the problems for residents

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