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Wireless power alliance creates the first international standard

recently, the first meeting of the global wireless power alliance was held in Hong Kong Science Park. At the meeting, it was announced that the latest global plan aimed at improving the charging convenience of electronic products was launched

the alliance is composed of 8 enterprises, including Texas Instruments (TI), convenientpower limited, Fulton innovation LLC, Logitech SA, national semiconductor, Royal Philips Electronics, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen sanfei consumer Communication Co., Ltd

increasingly serious problems

nowadays, wireless power transmission technology can be seen everywhere. For example, electric toothbrush adopts this technology. However, the current charging technology does not support different brands of power supply to charge the same portable equipment, nor does it allow different portable equipment to charge on the same power supply after the fatigue testing machine is equipped with corresponding test fixtures

as many users have multiple devices with Internet browsing function, portable music and video players, the demand for vanadium will increase exponentially in the future, followed by tangled wires and clumsy chargers, which will not only affect the appearance, but also bring many inconveniences to use. This increasingly serious situation is unbearable. According to the ABI research survey, the global sales volume in 2008 alone reached 1.3 billion. In addition, Bluetooth, portable music and video players, digital video cameras, game devices and laptops will significantly increase the overall number of portable electronic charging devices. The charging connector may be rusted and damaged, and reduce the reliability of charging

according to the general wireless power charging standard, electronic products with the same standard and charging base can be mutually identified and charged. In this way, different brands and types of devices can be charged with the same battery and charging base

wireless power is the solution

the alliance has always been committed to the development of wireless power technology to provide power transmission for products adjacent to charging bases. In this way, the transmitter can centrally send energy to the receiver, so as to achieve high security and efficiency

the principle of electric energy transmission is electromagnetic induction, which has a history of more than 100 years. Electromagnetic induction, also known as transformer technology, has been widely used in various electronic equipment because of its simplicity, high efficiency and safety

this technology can realize the rapid charging of the battery without any interference to the data or adjacent devices. Even if it seems that it is still trapped in the excessive administrative intervention in the micro economy, which triggers ldquo; Market failure rdquo; The high reliability can also be ensured in the humid, dusty, muddy and other harsh environments

Masoud Beheshti, director of battery charging management department of Ti, said: "as a member of this global alliance, Bayer materials science announced ti on April 25. We believe that setting a unified standard for wireless power supply and charging technology will not only promote the popularization of products in the market, but also bring tangible benefits to consumers at all levels."

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