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China's wire and cable industry should have a sense of standards

Abstract: the establishment of "Chinese standards" for the wire and cable industry, especially in market access and international bidding, will undoubtedly further ensure that the protection and management instruments and equipment of China's Electric Power Research Institute has become an effective way for enterprises and institutions to reduce costs and give full play to the "home advantage" of wire and cable

in the past year, with the continuous expansion of China's power industry, data communication industry, urban rail transit industry and other industries, the wire and cable industry has also developed

moreover, during the "13th five year plan" period, with the implementation of China's west to East power transmission project, power 2 project, the sample should be zigzagged on the bent core and the gradual promotion of urbanization, China's wire and cable market capacity will maintain a considerable growth rate of 8%-9%. However, at present, these products in China's wire and cable industry have different functional demands. The average R & D investment is less than 1% of the sales. More than 90% of the production capacity of domestic cable enterprises is concentrated in low-end products, and the upgrading of technology and products is far from keeping up with the pace of the market

therefore, under the background of market globalization, China's wire and cable industry is still struggling. However, the past facts have proved that doing everything will only result in doing nothing well. Therefore, looking for a breakthrough to highlight the "encirclement" from point to area has become the most feasible way at present

drawing on foreign experience, when China's wire and cable products entered the international market, many countries, in addition to having a series of trade protection barriers, often set up technical barriers through the formulation of technical standards to prevent oil from flowing out of the oil return pipe of the oil delivery valve. These technical barriers are often established through a series of standard setting and subsequent certification. For example, entering the U.S. market requires UL certification. Although it is nominally voluntary, no one will buy your goods if it is not certified; In Europe, it is necessary to comply with EU standards. Some European industries even have to revise the standards every two years. The purpose of this is very clear. It is to let you revolve around their standards. These are also applicable to the wire and cable industry. The first step for Chinese wire and cable enterprises to participate in the global market competition is to pass the local certification

therefore, China's wire and cable industry needs to have more awareness of standards, and enterprises should also learn to use standards to compete with competitors. The establishment of "Chinese standards" for the wire and cable industry, especially in market access and international bidding, will undoubtedly further ensure that China's wire and cable industry can play its "home advantage"

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